Easter Partnership with Meals on Wheels Plus of Manatee

Over the past several weeks the world has been under siege by an invisible enemy, the corona-virus or otherwise known as Covid-19. It has taken a huge toll on the lives of all of us and will continue to do so. Our future rests on our ability to get control of our lives as we defeat the virus and restart our economy and community. We can do so by helping our neighbors who are in need.

We at Manatee Farms, otherwise known as Manatee Fruit Company, have joined up with Meals on Wheels PLUS of Manatee and The Food Bank of Manatee to raise awareness about the rising need for food for babies, children, families, and seniors in our community.  We certainly understand how important our food supply is to our community in recent weeks as we all try and deal with the potential this virus has on our lives. 

On April 9th through April 11th Manatee Farms will be hosting an open house for those who want to visit the flower fields and greenhouse production area in Cortez. You will be able to see where we produce many different flowering crops. In concert with this open house, we will be promoting a sale of Easter lilies to commemorate the Easter holiday and its important meaning to us. Many of these lilies were destined to decorate the local churches and places of worship. These flowers will go to waste if no one can enjoy them.  50% of the revenue from the Easter lilies will be given to Meals on Wheels PLUS of Manatee. Which means, for as little as $10 you can help feed Manatee County residents during this time of need.

Please go online at www.manateefarms.com to make your purchase and reserve as many Easter lilies as you would like and pick them up at the open house on our farm in Cortez Florida. Directions to the flower farm will be available on the website as well as the dates and hours we will be open for this event. If you do not wish to get out of your car, we will provide a drive-up service to get your Easter lily plants and make your donation.

Please help us feed those in need by being a part of this very important event on April 9th through 11th and visit our website www.manateefarms.com.  May you be blessed and have a wonderful Easter.  

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