Latest Valentines Predictions

Latest Valentines Predictions

Every year the prices of our Valentines products are subject to various factors. Weather is a large contributor to price reflections.

Here are my current predictions for pricing from the various regions and click through to our weather page below to follow yourself.

Region                           Weather Trend                                          Effect on Price

Cayambe, Ecuador - Sunny & Warm Possibly Early                            $$

Cotopoxi, Ecuador - Overcast & On time                                             $$$$

Bogota, Colombia - Warmer than normal possibly early                  $$

Medellin, Colombia - Overcast & On Time                                           $$$

All of this speculation is my personal opinion only but I am not seeing a glut of product flooding the market as we have in past years. Prices should hold steady on Alstro, Roses and Carns from Bogota but expect higher prices and less availability from the main premium growing region of Cotopoxi.

This should be a great Valentines for 2019. Consumer confidence is up, the government is back open and coming off a great Christmas season it appears consumers have money to spend.

Valentines on a Thursday is one of the best days of the week and at Manatee Farms this is shaping up to be the best one in years.




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