Easter Lilies Popping Up Everywhere

Easter Lilies Popping Up Everywhere

At Manatee Farms this morning we saw the first signs of life in the Easter Lily crop.

Easter lilies are native to Japan. The flowers were introduced to England in 1819. In 1853 a Japanese missionary gave it to a friend in St. George, Bermuda who later marketed it. The Bermuda lily was introduced to America in 1880, but a severe virus in 1898 ruined the Bermuda lily industry. Lily bulb production came to the U.S. in the late 1800s, and was centered in both Japan and the southern U.S. after 1898. The Easter lily bulbs at that time were called "White Gold," and growers everywhere attempted to cash in on the crop. By 1945, there were around 1,200 growers up and down the Pacific coast, from Vancouver, Canada to Long Beach, California.

Today Manatee Farms is proud to be one the best Easter lily bulb growers in Florida continuing a tradition of quality plants and flowers since 1892.


Robert Mclaughlin

need your address.Going to visit you.I used to work for you 1978

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