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Manatee Farms

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since 1892

About Manatee Farms

Adding our Touch of Green to the World

Manatee Farms is a wholesale distributor of the highest quality potted plants. Our mission of connecting people with nature is at the core of what we do. We take enormous pride in our process from seeding to delivery so that our customers continue to enjoy the best quality plants.



The Preston family founded The Manatee Lemon Company in 1892.


The company is re-named the Manatee Fruit Co., and the trees are grafted to grow oranges and grapefruit. The company also starts growing and shipping vegetables.

Flowers Bloom

The company begins growing cut flowers, with the gladiolus quickly becoming its signature crop.

Potted Plants

The company begins growing and selling potted plants.

Company Shift

The company shifts to direct importing and distributing cut flowers while continuing to grow its own locally.

Manatee Farms

The company changes its name to Manatee Farms.

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